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Cherokee Street LLC was created in October 2010 by Michael Chavez, a 17 year veteran in the Logistics, Hospitality, Convention, Tourism, Transportation, Security and Emergency Management industries. Michael’s last billet was working as the Safety, Security, and Guest Services Manager, and Emergency Operations Coordinator for the Albuquerque Convention Center. The Convention Center is a 600,000 sq. ft convention and meeting facility with over 27 separate meeting rooms and 167,000 sq ft. of exhibit space. Michael’s job was to oversee all security operations, guest service staff, troubleshoot complex guest and event issues, as well as chair two committees on safety: one internal to the convention center, and the other external to the businesses and streets surrounding the convention center.
Michael Chavez has sought been sought after across the country as the “answer man” to be able to provide answers to logistical issues of all kinds. Michael is also the “go to” man for communications planning and management for the City of Albuquerque’s Community Emergency Response Team which is a part of Albuquerque’s Office of Emergency Management. Michael has taken this talent after 17 years as an employee and is now providing quality customer service – oriented event planning and management services to clients in Albuquerque.

Michael ChavezPresident / CEO - Michael Chavez

Building and Innovating from child hood as a "Lego Maniac," Michael started at 8 years old working in his mother's restaurant as a bus boy and was the restaurant host by the time he was 10. Michael went on to work for a security company at the age of 17, and has since worked in many different fields in the Hospitality, Security, and Customer Service environment.

Michael's experience has taken him many different places. He has worked in the Security Industry in the Investigative, Physical and Information Security field, the Hospitality industry in both hotel and convention center environment, and has also worked for several limousine companies and as a sedan and limousine chauffeur. Michael has worked as CFO for a non-profit organization, and is currently a logistics coordinator and event planner for a consulting firm in Albuquerque. While working for the Albuquerque Convention Center he was actively involved in all events, both major and minor, thereby receiving a unique perspective and insight to all the challenges and needs of making an event successful, and understanding the components.

In 2010 Michael was recognized for having organized a seminar for a non profit organization, as well as seminar featuring Zig Ziglar here in Albuquerque. At both events, Michael was recognized by one client who stated that "this was the smoothest and most organized event" that they ever spoke at. Michael was also credited for designing a new radio communications system for the Albuquerque Convention Center. He has also assisted The Walt Disney Corporation in designing and executing a security plan for their shareholders meeting in Albuquerque in 2008, and received several letters of accommodation from the National Guard Association of the United States for coordinating all security for their national convention in 2006. Michael has planned and executed many concerts, events, weddings, parties, seminars, conferences and even funerals.

Michael's education started while working in the security field as a Junior in High School. After graduating Hope Christian High School, he did a brief stint in the Navy and went back into security work. Since then, he has taken many classes and received many certifications that he draws on as experience today. Michael has five different security certifications from Capital Training Institute, Presbyterian Hospital Security, The International Association for Healthcare Safety and Security Services, Allied Barton Security Services and Victory Outreach Security and Protective Services. Michael is a certified Community Emergency Response Team Responder and holds three certificates as a Fire Safety Officer from Allied Barton Security, Citigroup Security and Investigative Services (C.S.I.S.), and the Albuquerque Fire Department. Michael received a Certificate for Leadership Development and Adult Learning and Instruction from Latin American Bible Institute (LABI). Michael is also certified in F.E.M.A's National Incident Management System, and has completed IS 100a, 200, 700, and 800 as well as several other courses in Emergency Management.

Entertainment Manager - Rick L. Vigil

Born in Fort Collins, Colorado and raised in Albuquerque, NM from the age of four, Rick Vigil is proud husband and father of three boys. Rick has been in the music and entertainment business since he was a young boy starting with band in middle school, and all four years of high school. After high school Rick started working at TMM Business Records Storage and at the same time came to be the Band Director at his church. During his five years as Band Director, he helped with a number of large scale events, including major recording artists concerts featuring such artists as T-Bone, Israel Houghton, Kurt Carr, and Baby Bash all while working a full time job at TMM. During his tenure at TMM, he started as a warehouseman and he moved his way up to manager of accounts payable. After five years of working at TMM, Rick took on his promotion endeavors full-time and started his own promotions company called Choyse Music Group.

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